Veeam Backup Free Edition

#1 backup tool for Hyper-V

Windows Server 2012

Windows Server 2012 gives small organizations an easy way to adopt virtualization and its cost-saving benefits. The next step for SMBs is to protect their critical data from software or hardware disasters. Veeam Backup™ Free Edition helps small business start with Windows Server backup and protect their Microsoft Hyper-V workloads for free.

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Key features

Backup of a running Hyper-V VM with VeeamZIP

With VeeamZIP™ you can create ad-hoc backups of live Hyper-V VMs for operational, portability or archival purposes. VeeamZIP is similar to a full VM backup – it fully encapsulates the VM and makes backups on-the-fly using the native Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) technology (when available) to capture Hyper-V VM data.

  • Easy: No complicated configuration, and no need to pause or power off the VM.
  • Compact: Compression, deduplication and swap file exclusion make Windows Server backups small.
  • Portable: Captures all the virtual disks and configuration files needed to restore the VM on any host.
Hyper-V VM Backup with VeeamZIP step-by-step guide

Free forever. Unlimited number of VMs

Veeam Backup Free Edition is a completely free tool delivering Hyper-V backups; it has no limits on the number of VMs and no expiration date. Veeam Backup Free Edition can be used as a standalone backup tool or can complement your primary backup solution.

Veeam Backup Free Edition functionality is enough for day-to-day Hyper-V VM management. However, if you’re looking for more comprehensive data protection, try Veeam Backup & Replication™ with its 30-day trial. To upgrade from the trial to the Standard, Enterprise or Enterprise Plus edition, you just need to install a purchased license key.

E-discovery and item-level recovery

Veeam Explorer™ for Microsoft Exchange gives you instant visibility into Exchange 2010 and 2013 backups, advanced search capabilities through Microsoft Exchange database files and quick recovery of individual Exchange items (emails, contacts, notes, etc.).
Veeam Explorer for Microsoft SharePoint allows you automatically restore documents from backups of virtualized Microsoft SharePoint Servers. You can easily browse SharePoint 2010 and 2013 databases directly from the backup, search for specific files or document libraries and quickly recover them.
Both Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Exchange and Veeam Explorer for Microsoft SharePoint are free standalone tools available for ALL users of Veeam Backup Free Edition.

Instant File-Level Recovery

Veeam Backup Free Edition comes with a wide range of restore options, including Instant File-Level Recovery (IFLR). You can choose to restore an entire Hyper-V VM, individual VM files (.VHD, .VHDX, .XML, .VSD and so on), or look inside the VM and restore guest OS files (for Windows, Linux, Mac, BSD, Solaris and so on). Files recovered from VM backups can be saved to any location such as a USB drive, your desktop or a Windows Server connected to Veeam Backup Free Edition.

Native tape support

You can store your Hyper-V backups on tape media offsite, restore your data from tape whenever needed, and always stay compliant. Veeam Backup Free Edition supports:

  • Virtual tape libraries (VTLs)
  • Physical tape libraries
  • Standalone tape drives

It even supports restores from Veeam backup files stored on tapes with the help of NTBackup!