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White Paper

All You Need to Know About Microsoft Windows Nano Server

December 1, 2016by Mike Resseler

Now updated for Windows Server 2016 GA release!

White Paper

Advanced ReFS Integration with Veeam Overview

June 2, 2017by Rick Vanover

The Advanced ReFS Integration is one of the most compelling features of Veeam® Availability Suite™ 9.5. In this paper, the ReFS configuration will be outlined as well as how to set up backups and other job types to leverage this storage efficiency and the performance improvements. This technology is available now and you can benefit immediately.

Recorded Webinar

Availability on-premises, in the cloud and on the go with Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows

June 1, 2017by Clint Wyckoff, Philip Kanjuka

Veeam® Agent for Microsoft Windows is now available!

White Paper

All You Need to Know About Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Virtualization

May 26, 2017by Clint Wyckoff

This eBook will discuss Windows Server 2016 Virtualization, also known as Hyper-V 2016. Many Hyper-V components have evolved with each Microsoft release, and knowing this information is key to understanding the increased functionality and usability.

Recorded Webinar

Active Directory and Virtualization

March 7, 2017by Timothy Dewin, Sander Berkouwer
This webinar will make a deep focus on Active Directory management and latest changes in the Active Directory Administrative Center. Windows Server 2016 offers huge improvements for Active Directory scalability and UI, which we'll talk about in detail. Don't miss a demo session on using Active Directory PowerShell History Viewer and the new graphic user interface for Active Directory Recycle Bin and fine-grained password policy features!

Recorded Webinar

Hybrid Cloud Solutions from Veeam and Microsoft Azure

February 20, 2017by Chris Henley

Check out the hybrid cloud solutions from Veeam and Microsoft Azure — extending world class Availability from your on-premises environment into Microsoft Azure. Veeam offers state of the art innovations in Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) with Microsoft Azure.

Recorded Webinar

Experience the Magic that Windows Server 2016 and ReFS Provide to YOUR Next Backup Repository

January 24, 2017by Clint Wyckoff

Advanced integration with Microsoft’s ReFS 3.1 enables fast clone technology and the ability to create and transform synthetic full backup files up to 10x faster. There’s no need to physically move data blocks, thus dramatically reducing load on backup storage. This spaceless full backup technology makes raw disk storage rival the capacity efficiencies of a deduplication appliance.

Recorded Webinar

10 Reasons You Will Love Veeam Availability Suite 9.5 for Windows Server 2016 and Hyper-V!

November 22, 2016by Rick Vanover, Chris Henley

Windows Server 2016 is out and it is a game changer!

Recorded Webinar

Microsoft Ignite 2016: What You Need to Know!

October 12, 2016by Clint Wyckoff

Did you miss Microsoft Ignite 2016 in Atlanta? Are you curious about the major announcements from Veeam® and Microsoft? If so, join Clint Wyckoff, Technical Evangelist and Microsoft MVP, for an offline recap of this major Microsoft event. We will review all of the major Microsoft announcements as well as the Veeam sessions.

Recorded Webinar

Protect and Manage your Microsoft Hyper-V Infrastructure with 5nine & Veeam

August 2, 2016by Symon Perriman

It can be challenging to manage and secure all of your virtualized resources, especially for SMBs and mid-market customers that may not have dedicated virtualization and security specialists.

Recorded Webinar

Everything You Need to Know about Microsoft Nano Server

June 21, 2016by Mike Resseler

Server Core has never been a popular subject among IT professionals — despite the advantages it could deliver. And now, Nano is coming. Should you ignore it or should you start investigating?

Recorded Webinar

Hyper-V 2016: The Next Generation of Virtualization

June 16, 2016by Clint Wyckoff, Dave Kawula

The many new enhancements that Microsoft has been developing for Windows Server Hyper-V 2016 are creating a lot of anticipation.

Recorded Webinar

It’s Time to Take Action, Don’t be the Admin Who Cried Alarm!

April 14, 2016by Cameron Fuller, Clint Wyckoff

Do you struggle to meet service level agreements (SLAs)? Are you concerned about the capabilities of your traditional monitoring and management systems to keep pace with the growing capacity planning requirements of your modern data center?

White Paper

Storage Efficiencies with Hyper-V at the Virtual and Physical Layer

February 29, 2016by Didier Van Hoye
Thin provisioning, UNMAP and checkpoints/snapshots are powerful technologies when used wisely. And to truly benefit, we must master them. This will allow us to better deliver storage and offer data protection.

While these technologies can be used at the physical layer (storage array), at the virtual layer (Hyper-V) or a combination of both, what we choose depends on the environment, budget and workloads. They offer:

White Paper

Automate Management of your Hyper-V Environment

December 21, 2015by Pete Zerger

Efficient management of your Hyper-V environment is critical for Availability and your Always-On Business™. Make it easier with this free Veeam white paper, Automate Management of your Hyper-V Environment, by Microsoft System Center VIP Pete Zerger.

Recorded Webinar

The new windows server 2016 foundation – best features

December 15, 2015by Rick Vanover, Thomas Maurer

Good news for IT pros worldwide! Windows Server 2016 is here and it’s game-changing; this is the first Windows Server OS built with the cloud environment in mind, rather than on-premises environments. In this video, you will find serious reasons to try the technical preview.

White Paper

Introduction to Hyper-V High-Availability

September 7, 2015by Symon Perriman

Businesses now need to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every single day of the year. Services must be kept online or customers will be lost. In today’s global marketplace, it is critical for systems to always be available so companies can remain competitive and keep their users satisfied. High data-center availability can be achieved in several ways, but the most common and easiest is through the combination of server virtualization and failover clustering.

White Paper

Hyper-V Monitoring and Reporting with Veeam Management Pack for System Center

August 25, 2015by Clint Wyckoff

This white paper examines Hyper-V management and monitoring provided by Veeam Management Pack for System Center. Veeam MP extends System Center, providing deep visibility and collecting critical information with more monitors, alerts, rules and performance collection.

Recorded Webinar

What is Windows 10 bringing to the Enterprise?

August 11, 2015by Mike Resseler, Peter De Tender

Although the new interface is an important aspect of the Windows 10 adoption, this session will mainly focus on all the other great stuff to talk about.

Recorded Webinar

Hands-on Lab with Hyper-V and Veeam Availability Suite v8

July 27, 2015by Pieter Vereecken

Learn how to squeeze the most out of your Hyper-V environment with Veeam Availability Suite™, from deployment and configuration to best practices for daily use. You’ll learn about:

  • Veeam Explorers™
  • Backup methods
  • Configuration of Veeam Availability Suite
  • And more!
Join us as we discuss why you will love Veeam Availability Suite for Hyper-V!

White Paper

Nutanix and Veeam Backup & Replication v8 for Hyper-V: Best Practices

July 9, 2015by Derek Seaman

Recommendations for the optimization and scaling of Veeam Backup & Replication v8 with Nutanix for Hyper-V.

Recorded Webinar

Microsoft Ignite Recap by Veeam

June 3, 2015by Rick Vanover

Even if you didn’t get to attend Microsoft Ignite, this webinar will provide a great recap of key moments from the event. Product Strategy Specialist Rick Vanover will give a recap focusing on:

White Paper

Windows Server 2003 End of Support: The Top Threats Associated with Doing Nothing

May 14, 2015by Orin Thomas

End of support (EOS) for Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2003 R2 is July 14, 2015. Companies still using this operating system can face both security and compliance issues.

Recorded Webinar

Windows Server 2003 Migrations made easy with Veeam

March 30, 2015by Chris Henley

Watch this session and learn the challenges facing organizations when devising a strategy to manage Windows Server 2003 End of Support (EOS) and specifically how features in the Veeam product suite can ease the migration process. Learn how to make the move easier from a 32-bit, physical, client/server operating system to a 64-bit, virtual, cloud-based operating system.

Recorded Webinar

Virtual Tape Libraries in vSphere & Hyper-V Modern Data Centers

March 19, 2015by Jason Leiva

Regardless of size, many organizations face the same data protections challenges – efficiently meeting virtual workload demands, and getting backups offsite for Disaster Recovery (DR) purposes.

Recorded Webinar

Hyper-V Failover Clustering: Virtualizing ROBOs without Breaking the Bank

March 13, 2015by Ryan Post

Regardless of whether you call them stores, branch offices, plants or something else, remote sites present a unique set of engineering challenges. Customer facing applications require high availability but replicating the solutions we use in the data center to tens, or thousands of sites would cost more than the GDP of a small country.

Recorded Webinar

Overcome storage bottlenecks in Hyper-V, vSphere environments

February 18, 2015by Jason Leiva

Because today’s IT managers are faced with increasingly complex environments and ever-growing data volumes, they need simple and affordable solutions to solve critical business challenges. Imation’s Nexsan storage solutions and Veeam Availability Suite v8™ provide a joint solution that’s perfectly tailored to meet the organizational challenges of data protection within virtualized infrastructures.

Recorded Webinar

Automate and Integrate with System Center!

January 15, 2015by Cameron Fuller, Pete Zerger, Mike Resseler

Demands on your critical workloads can change quickly and threaten your service level agreements. Can you react fast enough?

Recorded Webinar

Windows Server 2003 Migrations made easy with the Veeam Virtual Lab

January 12, 2015by Chris Henley

Migration from Windows Server 2003 to 2012 R2 can be daunting. Learn how to make the move easier from a 32-bit, physical, client/server operating system to a 64-bit, virtual, cloud-based operating system. Join us as we discuss the benefits of using Veeam Backup & Replication™ to make the Windows Server 2003 to 2012 R2 migration process easier. Watch and learn:

Recorded Webinar

Preparing for the Microsoft Certification Exam 74-409

December 18, 2014by Orin Thomas

In this session, the author of the Veeam study guide for Microsoft’s Server Virtualization with Windows Server Hyper-V and System Center 74-409 exam will go through the study guide and provide you with tips and tricks for successfully taking this exam.

Whiteboard Fridays

What’s new in Veeam Availability Suite v8

December 9, 2014by Doug Hazelman, Jose Mendoza, Shawn Lieu, Jamie Mitchell

In this episode learn how to avoid data loss, perform high-speed recovery, verify your protection, leverage your data and achieve complete visibility with Availability Suite™ V8

Recorded Webinar

Protecting Virtual Machines Using Data Replication

December 9, 2014by Matt Price

With a need for 24/7 operations, protecting data in ways that minimize downtime is an essential requirement for all IT departments. Data replication is a key tool that enables virtualization administrators to deliver continuous operations in virtual server environments. There are important considerations which determine where best to implement replication technology.

Recorded Webinar

Dynamic Datacenter Resource Management and Protection

December 9, 2014by Jason Acord

If you want to maximize physical and virtual resources, you need to know what is going on and when it is going on. The same goes for backups and replication.

Recorded Webinar

Veeam Availability Suite v8 - all the new capabilities

December 9, 2014by Jason Acord

Veeam Availability Suite v8 is now available and in case you haven’t followed the news yet, it is a fantastic new version with an extensive range of improvements and new features. In this webinar we are going to discuss all the new capabilities so that you know what is there in v8.

Recorded Webinar

5 Reasons you will love using Veeam Availability Suite v8 for Hyper-V

December 4, 2014by Chris Henley

Veeam Availability Suite v8 is here and it’s awesome! Join us as we discuss five reasons why you will love Veeam Availability Suite for Hyper-V.

Recorded Webinar

Ensure High Availability for Virtual Resources

November 27, 2014by Heather Nothstein

Is your company reaping the benefits of virtualization? Although virtual resources are faster to deploy and manage than hardware, they come with significant risks. Can you say for certain that the VMs in your data center are operating at SLA-required availability levels?

Recorded Webinar

Making Money in the Cloud: 5 Ways to Build Your Backup Business

November 20, 2014by Doug Hazelman

Everyone needs a place to store their backups offsite, and the cloud is becoming a popular place to do so. This creates a huge business opportunity for service providers like you. But where to start?

Recorded Webinar

It’s Here! Encryption Has Arrived in Veeam Availability Suite v8

November 19, 2014by Heather Nothstein

Data encryption is critical component of your security strategy, and with Veeam Availability Suite™ v8 and Veeam Backup & Replication™ v8, encryption is here!

Recorded Webinar

Achieving Massive Availability in Your Virtual Infrastructure

November 18, 2014by Jason Acord

Enterprises have virtualized the majority of their workloads but, in many cases, they haven’t achieved any higher availability than they did with their physical infrastructure.

Recorded Webinar

Technologies That Keep IT Moving, Even in the Worst of Times

November 13, 2014by Dilupa Ranatunga

Recent events such as the NSW flash floods are a timely reminder to us all that disasters can and do happen. Don’t be caught in nature’s crossfire without a solid Data Centre strategy!

White Paper

Hyper-V Replica in depth

November 12, 2014by Mike Resseler

When Windows Server 2012 hit the market in 2012 a new feature called - Hyper-V Replica hit the shelf. In 2013, when Windows Server 2012 R2 was released, the Hyper-V Replica feature was improved. This white paper gives you an in-depth look at Hyper-V Replica: what it is, how it works, what capabilities it offers and specific-use cases.

Whiteboard Fridays

Hyper-V: Enhance your Virtualization Experience!

November 6, 2014by Chris Henley, Jose Mendoza, Shawn Lieu

If you thought Hyper-V was a fad, think again! Microsoft has positioned Hyper-V in Windows Server 2012 R2 squarely at the crossroads of virtualization, cost savings, and the cloud. Join us for this exciting session as Chris Henley, published author and Veeam’s resident Microsoft evangelist, will discuss and diagram details of Hyper-V licensing, component architecture, storage, and how Veeam Availability Suite adds value to the Hyper-V side of any business.

Recorded Webinar

Deduplication in Windows Server 2012 R2 & Veeam Backup & Replication

October 27, 2014by Jason Acord

Interested in Windows Server 2012 R2 deduplication? In this FREE webinar, hosted by Jason Acord, you’ll find out all you need to know to get started. Learn how deduplication in Windows Server 2012 R2 works, including the methods used and what you need to watch for when starting a deduplication project. You’ll also get an in-depth explanation of how to leverage Veeam’s inline deduplication with Windows Server 2012 R2.

Recorded Webinar

Bridging the availability gap with Veeam and Nimble

October 15, 2014by Jason Leiva

Achieving non-stop service and continuous protection has traditionally required a significant investment in fully redundant systems with instant failover capabilities. These kinds of investments could only be justified for a few applications, so the vast majority of workloads are served with lower performing, legacy backup solutions allowing RTOs and RPOs of several hours or days.

Recorded Webinar

Hyper-V: Free Hypervisor Ready to Do It All

October 1, 2014by Chris Henley
Virtualization is here to stay and Hyper-V has become one of the easiest and least expensive ways to get the benefits that come with virtualization.

Check out this webinar to learn about the benefits of Hyper-V in small business as well as tips, tricks and best practices that'll help you get the most out of your Hyper-V deployment.

Recorded Webinar

Windows Server 2003 End of Support: HELP!

September 26, 2014by Chris Henley

There are millions of instances of Windows Server 2003 still in operation today and Microsoft has officially announced the end of support (EOS) on July 15, 2015.

Recorded Webinar

Get started with Exchange 2013 – Protecting Exchange with Veeam

September 23, 2014by Niels Engelen, Johan Huttenga
In the final episode you will learn about Exchange 2013 general security, high availability and recovery. We will review built-in methods, how to use Veeam for Instant VM Recovery® and item-level recovery, as well as Exchange patch testing with Veeam's Virtual Lab.

Recorded Webinar

Ask The Experts about VMware, Hyper-V and More!

September 22, 2014by Rick Vanover
Join our panel of VM Experts as they share their insights into the top virtual platform issues and questions facing System Administrators.

  • How to identify and obtain clear benefits from cloud transformation.
  • Differences in clustering capabilities between Hyper-V and VMware?
  • Capabilities for Redundancy, Backup, Recovery & Retention
  • Best practices for migrating to any virtual platform.

White Paper

Top 10 features for IT Pros in Windows Server 2012 (R2) that seem to be unknown or unloved

September 19, 2014by Mike Resseler
Windows Server 2012(R2) brings a lot of new enhancements and features. As an IT Pro, it becomes very difficult to know all of them. In this white paper, we are looking at 10 of them that you definitively should have a look at and see if it fits your environment… Saving you time, money… and headaches…

Recorded Webinar

Hyper-V performance monitoring with Veeam’s FREE Task Manager

September 5, 2014by Rick Vanover
Wouldn’t it be great to really understand host resource usage as it happens on a Hyper-V host? Dream on! If you’ve tried this in Windows task manager, you know it’s not possible. Veeam makes this level of monitoring a reality. The FREE Veeam Task Manager for Hyper-V is a standalone, portable tool that shows VM and host resource utilization in real time at the individual VM level. What more could a Hyper-V admin want?

White Paper

Veeam and the End of Windows Server 2003 Support

August 28, 2014by Chris Henley
Microsoft has officially announced that on July 15, 2015, Windows Server 2003 will no longer be supported!

Recorded Webinar

Get started with Exchange 2013 – Installation, Deployment, Architecture

August 22, 2014by Niels Engelen, Johan Huttenga

With the latest Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 release, the well-established, business-mail solution has undergone an evolution toward easier virtualization and higher availability. Exchange 2013 offers exciting new architecture, user interface, administration, accessibility, data protection features and enhancements.

Recorded Webinar

Introduction to Virtualization

August 21, 2014by Chris Henley
There is no hotter topic in the world of technology than Virtualization. If you are new to virtualization it can seem a little confusing. This session will help you learn the basics! We will start at the foundations of virtualization and build your knowledge from there.

White Paper

Virtualizing Exchange 2013 - the right way

August 11, 2014by Tony Redmond

This white paper explains the factors that should be examined when deciding to virtualize Microsoft Exchange 2013. Although Exchange 2013 is an excellent candidate for virtualization, many caveats presented in the paper must be respected, and it is important to carefully evaluate whether the decision to virtualize Exchange will meet the needs of your particular IT environment and your company’s business needs and long-term strategy.

Recorded Webinar

New capabilities in the latest Hyper-V 2012 R2

July 31, 2014by Chris Henley

Hyper-V is the up and coming player in the HyperVisor marketplace and the reason is that it just keeps getting better and better. In this session you can learn about some of the new capabilities of Hyper-V in Windows Server 2012 R2.

White Paper

The Top Ten Things Every IT Pro Using Hyper-V Needs to Know

July 15, 2014by John Savill

Hyper-V has cemented itself in many organizations and nearly every company is using or evaluating Hyper-V today however many of these virtualization IT Pros are new to Hyper-V if not Microsoft technologies in general which is why this paper will arm readers with the most important ten things every Hyper-V using IT Pro needs to know.

Whiteboard Fridays

Microsoft Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V overview - Whiteboard Fridays

July 10, 2014by Jose Mendoza, Shawn Lieu, Clint Wyckoff, Symon Perriman

Watch an introduction about how Microsoft Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V works and a discussion of best practices, including demonstrations on managing, monitoring and optimizing using System Center 2012 R2 Operations Manager with Symon Perriman, Microsoft’s Sr. Technical Evangelist, and Clint Wyckoff, Veeam’s Sr. Engineer.

Recorded Webinar

Data Deduplication in Windows Server 2012 R2 in Depth

June 30, 2014by Mike Resseler
Interested in Windows Server 2012 R2 deduplication? In this webinar by MVP Mike Resseler you will find all the details you need to know to get you started. Learn how deduplication in Windows Server 2012 R2 works including what methods are used and what you need to keep an eye on when starting with a deduplication project. Learn more about:

Recorded Webinar

Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V for SMB

June 24, 2014by Johan Huttenga, Thomas Maurer
Johan Huttenga, System Engineer for Veeam Software and Thomas Maurer Cloud Architect and Microsoft Hyper-V MVP, will guide you through how Small and Medium Size businesses can enhance their environment with Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V and Veeam Backup & Replication.

Recorded Webinar

5 Reasons to Run Active Directory in a Virtual Environment!

June 4, 2014by Chris Henley
Active Directory is the backbone of your identity, authorization, and access management systems. Watch this informative recorded webinar and learn 5 reasons why you should run Active Directory in a virtual machine instead of on the traditional physical server.

In this session you will learn:

White Paper

Free Study Guide for Microsoft Certification Exam 74-409: Server Virtualization with Windows Server Hyper-V and System Center

May 12, 2014by Orin Thomas
This is a study guide for the Microsoft 74-409 exam on Server Virtualization with Windows Server Hyper-V and System Center that covers each of the exam objectives. Read this study guide to learn how to create and configure virtual machine settings, virtual machine storage and virtual networks.

Recorded Webinar

What's new in Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V

May 5, 2014by Thomas Maurer, Aseem Anwar

Hyper-V for Windows Server has changed significantly after it’s first launch in October 2008. Since that time, Microsoft has done a great job at enhancing Hyper-V for Windows Server . That is why Aseem Anwar, Veeam Software Systems Engineer and Thomas Maurer Cloud Architect and Microsoft Hyper-V MVP, have decided it’s time to guide you through the new and updated Windows Server 2012 R2 for Hyper-V features, and also see the following live demos:

Recorded Webinar

Getting stuff done with PowerShell

April 2, 2014by Timothy Dewin
The second episode of the PowerShell webinar series will focus on some simple scripts and useful available options unique to PowerShell:

Recorded Webinar

Windows IT Pro Online Conference "Putting Storage to Work"

March 24, 2014by Rick Vanover

With virtualized environments, we want more out of our storage each and every day. Whether it is VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V, primary VM storage or a backup storage resource; there are a lot of considerations when it comes to storage investments.

Recorded Webinar

Virtualize your Tier-1 Applications Today!

March 24, 2014by Chris Henley, Michael Otey

Virtualization platforms like VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V provide performance flexibility and availability that physical environments just can't match. However, for most organizations, Tier-1 applications are the last to be virtualized.

White Paper

Data Deduplication in Windows Server 2012 R2 in Depth

March 24, 2014by Mike Resseler
This white paper examines the data deduplication technology embedded in Windows Server 2012 R2 and the benefits it can bring to your environment.

White Paper

Hyper-V Backup & Storage Best Practices

March 19, 2014by Brien Posey
Do you look at Hyper-V with questions on what the best approaches are for backup and storage? There are many decision points as well as approaches to take, some of which aren’t optimal for the current Hyper-V offering. This white paper from 11x MVP Brien Posey will look closely at key technologies for storage and backup for Hyper-V with additional perspective from Veeam.

Recorded Webinar

Automate daunting virtualization tasks with SMA

March 19, 2014by Mike Resseler, Niklas Akerlund

Now that you have set up your virtualization environment, you’ll want to automate it. In this webinar, you will learn how to do this with Service Management Automation (SMA) and how to integrate automated tasks into the Hyper-V virtualization environment. You will use different runbooks to automate some boring but necessary tasks that IT admins have to do.

White Paper

Hyper-V Virtual lab Tips and Tricks

March 17, 2014by Brien Posey
Although most backup administrators understand the importance of testing their backups, comprehensive testing has often proven to be illusive. Server virtualization solves this problem by making lab testing much easier, but only if the virtual lab is configured properly. This white paper explores the challenges and benefits of testing your backups in a virtual lab.

Recorded Webinar

Kickstart your PowerShell experience

March 12, 2014by Timothy Dewin
The first episode of the PowerShell webinar series will focus on taking your first steps into the PowerShell world:

Recorded Webinar

Windows Server 2012: Deduplication for beginners

March 7, 2014by Rick Vanover

Have you wanted to save disk space with deduplication? Did you know that Windows Server 2012 has built-in deduplication? What about using a deduplication appliance? Join this exclusive technical how-to webinar with Rick Vanover from Veeam Software.

Recorded Webinar

Are your backups compliant? Better yet, are you even able to recover?

February 27, 2014by Hugo Strydom

A large risk for a company today is the loss of one’s own data. And possibly more disastrous, is the loss of customers’ data, which will soon be punishable with fines in South Africa under POPI legislation.

Recorded Webinar

Hyper-V and VMware: 10 Tips for Success Using Both

February 14, 2014by Rick Vanover

Have you virtualized with both VMware and Hyper-V? What are some best practices that apply to both virtualized environments? Join this webinar with Rick Vanover from Veeam to learn the following:

Whiteboard Fridays

vSphere & Hyper-V deployments optimized for virtual data protection

February 12, 2014by Jose Mendoza, Shawn Lieu, Jamie Mitchell

Watch this recorded Whiteboard Fridays session and learn how to optimize your vSphere and Hyper-V deployments to get the most from your virtual data protection solution. Topics include:

Recorded Webinar

Hyper-V backup best practices

February 7, 2014by Brien Posey

Backup best practices have undergone major chances since the release of Hyper-V in Windows Server. Today, there are more opportunities than ever to protect your virtual environment, thanks to the many improvements in Hyper-V, applications and software.

Recorded Webinar

Windows Server 2012 Deduplication for Beginners

January 16, 2014by Rick Vanover

Have you ever wanted to save disk space with deduplication? Did you know that Windows Server 2012 has built-in deduplication?

Recorded Webinar

Hyper-V virtual labs tips and tricks

January 10, 2014by Brien Posey

Although most backup administrators understand the importance of testing their backups, comprehensive testing has often proven to be illusive. Server virtualization solves this problem by making lab testing much easier, but only if the virtual lab is configured properly. This webcast explores the challenges and benefits of testing your backups in a virtual lab. This webcast will focus on:

White Paper

A First Look at Windows Server 2012 R2 and Hyper-V

November 14, 2013by Brien Posey
This white paper is designed to familiarize you with the most important of Windows Server 2012 R2 new features, especially with regard to virtualization.

Recorded Webinar

Keeping Hyper-V Healthy

September 19, 2013by Brien Posey

Like any other application, there are certain maintenance tasks that need to be performed in order to keep Hyper-V healthy. Although the majority of these maintenance tasks are relatively straightforward, there are two that are often misunderstood -- resource monitoring and cluster aware updating. This session discusses the benefits of performing these tasks, as well as how you might go about doing so in your own organization.

White Paper

What’s new in Windows Server 2012 R2 Preview

September 3, 2013by Mike Resseler
Windows Server 2012 introduced industry sweeping changes to the way we think about Operating Systems, storage, Hyper-V, networking, and clouds.

White Paper

How to Test Out Veeam Backup & Replication 6.5 for Hyper-V

June 11, 2013by Mike Resseler

This document will provide you with all the steps necessary to test out Veeam Backup & Replication 6.5 in a Proof of Concept environment and validate for yourself how easy it is to protect your running VMs and to recover an entire VMs or parts of it.

Recorded Webinar

Using Hyper-V replica in your environment. A new defense layer in your Disaster Recovery plan

March 26, 2013by Mike Resseler

Hyper-V replica is an inexpensive way of putting a new layer in your Disaster Recovery plan. Learn the pro’s and con’s of this feature and see what added value Veeam Backup and Replication can give you in these scenario’s.

Recorded Webinar

5 things you didn't know about Windows Server 2012 and storage

February 7, 2013by Steven Duckaert

From enhanced storage protocols to a new file system, Windows Server 2012 introduces a range of amazing storage features. Watch this recorded webinar to learn how to take advantage of these features to increase the availability, performance and efficiency of your environment.

Recorded Webinar

Landscape overview of Microsoft WS 2012 storage enhancements

February 1, 2013by Chris Henley, Prabu Rambadran

Windows Server 2012 has a lot of new storage features. Hear Prabu Rambadran of Microsoft and Chris Henley of Veeam Software explain how using these features will help you:

Recorded Webinar

Upgrading to Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V the Right Way

February 1, 2013by Chris Henley

Join us as we talk about how to upgrade your existing hypervisor environment to contain the great new functionality available in Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V.

White Paper

The Hands-on Guide: Understanding Hyper-V in Windows Server 2012

December 28, 2012by Pete Zerger

This “Hands-on Guide: Understanding Hyper-V in Windows Server 2012” is a detailed e-book providing you with simple step-by-step instructions for performing a variety of Hyper-V-related tasks. Upon reading this guide, you will be able to manage Hyper-V 3.0 infrastructures like a seasoned expert!

White Paper

10 Essential Skills for the Next Generation of Hyper-V

December 25, 2012by Brien Posey
Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V offers far greater capabilities than previous versions. In order to take advantage of these capabilities however, administrators must master new skills. This whitepaper discuss 10 important tasks that every Hyper-V administrator should know how to perform.

Recorded Webinar

Introduction to Virtualization: Hyper-V Backup

November 15, 2012by Chris Henley

Recovery flexibility is essential in any environment, but especially when it comes to virtualization! Using legacy backup methods on VMs can limit recovery choices. Finding a solution designed specifically for virtualization is the key to being prepared for any recovery scenario.

Recorded Webinar

Introduction to virtualization: Enterprise storage

November 9, 2012by Hans De Leenheer

Public/private/hybrid clouds, converged infrastructures, software-defined datacenters... no matter what the buzzword is today, infrastructure always comes down to computing, networking and storage. We have virtualized the computing part with Hyper-V and vSphere, but storage virtualization is still a new idea for most people. Join Hans De Leenheer from Veeam to talk about his passion: enterprise storage.

Recorded Webinar

5 things you didn’t know about Windows Server 2012 and storage

November 7, 2012by Doug Hazelman

Increase the availability, performance and efficiency of your virtualized environment. Join Doug Hazelman, VP of Product Strategy, to learn how to take advantage of top 5 Windows Server 2012 storage features:

White Paper

Managing Hyper-V with Windows PowerShell

October 30, 2012by Brien Posey
Microsoft has made it clear that PowerShell is the preferred management tool for Windows Server 2012 and Hyper-V. However, PowerShell management for Hyper-V tends to be non-intuitive and can be intimidating to beginners. This whitepaper explains the basics of managing Hyper-V with PowerShell.

Recorded Webinar

10 Cool Things I Learned During the Windows Server 2012 Launch

October 17, 2012by Chris Henley

Windows Server 2012 launch was great! Join Chris Henley when he talks about 10 of Windows Server 2012′s coolest technology innovations and why you would want to use them. A follow-up to the launch of Windows Server 2012, webinar topics include:

White Paper

I’ve got Hyper-V, now what? Vol. 1 Implement better monitoring

September 17, 2012by Greg Shields
I’ve got Hyper-V, now what? is a multi-part whitepaper series. Part 1, Implement better monitoring, explains successful monitoring of events and performance metrics, which are both key to your Hyper-V environment’s performance and availability.

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I’ve got Hyper-V, now what? Vol. 3 Ensure visibility with alerts, reporting and business relevance

September 17, 2012by Greg Shields
I’ve got Hyper-V, now what? is a multi-part whitepaper series. Part 1, Implement better monitoring, explains successful monitoring of events and performance metrics, which are both key to your Hyper-V environment’s performance and availability. Part 3, Ensure visibility with alerts, reporting and business relevance'', tells you how to keep your virtualized workloads running smoothly with proper visibility and the right tools.

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Managing vSphere and Hyper-V with System Center 2012 Operations Manager

August 20, 2012by Brien Posey
Download this FREE whitepaper by Microsoft MVP, Brien Posey and discover how you can achieve end-to-end visibility from one console in System Center 2012, whether your virtual infrastructure is built on Hyper-V, VMware, or both.

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I've got Hyper-V, now what? Volume III

July 26, 2012by Rick Vanover, Greg Shields

Join Greg Shields and Rick Vanover for the second of a multi-part webinar series: I've got Hyper-V, now what? You've been told for years to implement Hyper-V, and now that you've done it, you're probably asking, "Now what?" Improving backups and monitoring is your first, most critical concern. Better visibility comes next.

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I’ve got Hyper-V, now what?

June 7, 2012by Greg Shields, Chris Henley

You were told for years to take a serious look at Hyper-V. And now that you’ve finally implemented it, you’re still asking, “Now what?” Hyper-V by itself is a great platform for hosting virtual machines, but it lacks in a few key areas such as monitoring and backups.

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5 tips for managing storage in a Microsoft Hyper-V environment

May 3, 2012by Rick Vanover, Tim Anderson

Join a well-known IT expert Tim Anderson for this FREE webinar and learn:

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Best Practices for Hyper-V Backup and Recovery Planning

February 1, 2012by Brien Posey

Watch this recorded webinar and learn best practices for backing up Hyper-V. Explore some common "gotchas" that can undermine your disaster recovery initiatives:

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Windows IT Pro - 5 Steps to Successful B&R for Hyper-V

November 15, 2011by Doug Hazelman

Join Doug Hazelman from Veeam for this webinar presenting 5 critical steps to ensure virtual machines are protected on Hyper-V to address these pressing questions. Learn how Veeam brings backup to Windows ITPro. Key topics at this event include:

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Redmond - Coexistence in a multi-hypervisor environment

October 5, 2011by Doug Hazelman

Watch this Redmond Magazine recorded webinar to learn how to effectively manage both VMware and Hyper-V, all through Microsoft System Center. Special emphasis will be placed on the Veeam Management Pack™ for VMware and how it can be used to give you app-to-metal visibility of your VMware infrastructure. You will learn how to:

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